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I completely agree that 100 mg's of Viagra is way too much. When my husband suffered from extremely low testosterone and couldn't get an erection to save his life, he took 100 mg's once and never again. It reduces sensation and makes it almost impossible to cum. The headache afterwards was epic. 25 mg's is the better dose. Less is more with Viagra in terms of dosage. Thank you so much! Here was I thinking more is more, when taking 100mg made it almost impossible to cum. It was driving me crazy. Going for 25mg to see how that works out. Really appreciate your info Sierra. I just started on Androgel 20.25mg. Does anyone know if it's ok to take 20mg cialis at the same time? Thanks

have tried both viagra and cialis. Viagra gives me many side effects, but does make me hard. Cialis is my favorite.I take it on a friday night and still have rrock hard erections until tuesday.I have no side effects with cialis. After taking a pill even in smaller portion, I sometimes, feel pressure and pain in my back i.e. exactly above hips (where there is supposed to Kidney is situated) I am just worried about that worst side effects, otherwise i am fine with normal headache and all. Can any of the user here confirm if those love pills damage Kidney or Liver negatively? If I should choose between Viagra and Cialis, I would def go for Cialis, that because of the following factors:Duration – Cialis can work up to 36 hours, Viagra for up to 4 onlyEffectivenes – Cialis is ready in less than 20 minutes.Sign-up now!

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